Pre-Owned Tennant S9 Sweeper

Price: $7900

All units come with new batteries. Drive, brush and vacuum motors carbon brushes are inspected or replaced by a Triad technician.

Wearable items such as squeegee blades, skirts, and hoses are replaced with new. All battery powered units include a charger.

90 day warranty of major component parts & labor with a 30 day travel warranty.

The industrial-grade, heavy-duty 7100 sets the standard for micro-rider scrubbers, providing consistent, quality cleaning results even in the harshest industrial environments.

Shock-absorbing steel frame and durable polyethylene construction enable the Tennant 7100 Rider Sweeper to withstand the most severe cleaning environments.

In addition to increasing safety, scrubbing with ec-H2O™ or FaST® scrubbing technologies requires so little water that operators can clean up to three times longer between empty/fill stops.

The Tennant 7100 reduces maintenance costs with breakaway squeegee and scrub heads that provide long-life corrosion resistance.

(From Manufacturer)

33″ L | 33″ W | 54″ H | 853lbs
30 Gallon Solution & Recovery