Pre-Owned Cimex R48 19″ Carpet Scrubber


The Cimex R48 19″ Cleaning Machine features three 400 RPM counter rotating brushes.

The Cimex R48 commercial carpet and floor cleaning machine is the ideal choice for carpet scrubbing and multipurpose floor cleaning.

  • Routine and restorative carpet cleaning.
  • Designed for scrubbing of hard surface floors.
  • Polishing and cleaning of vinyl and ceramic floors.
  • Ideal for use in many retail, educational, healthcare, commercial, and office building applications.

All units come with new batteries. Drive, brush and vacuum motors carbon brushes are inspected or replaced by a Triad technician.

Wearable items such as squeegee blades, skirts, and hoses are replaced with new. All battery powered units include a charger.

90 day warranty of major component parts & labor with a 30 day travel warranty.