The T7 Micro-Rider Floor Scrubber from Tennant is an industrial indoor floor cleaner designed with efficiency in mind. For wide areas and tight spaces alike, the innovative machine is the ultimate unit for keeping commercial floors looking great. For a quick, cost-effective, and eco-friendly answer to those cleaning dilemmas, you needn’t look any further.

Keeping your business premises in pristine condition never felt so easy.

Machine Specs:

Machine Type: Rider for indoor application.

Solution Tank Capacity: 24 gallons (90 liters).

Recovery Tank Capacity: 29 gallons (110 liters).

Estimated Coverage: Up to 39,600 sq. ft (3,680 sq. m).

Cleaning Path: 26” x 28” x 32”.

Squeegee Width: 27.5” x 42”.

Power: 24v battery source, with a run time of up to 4.5 hours.

Noise Level: 67 dBA.

Brush motors: 0.6 hp.


The T7 Micro-Rider Floor Scrubber is an efficient battery-powered floor cleaner. It promises to reduce the use of both water and detergent. Tennant’s innovative ec-H20 NanoClean and FaST tech offer an eco-friendly product and can lower water consumption by up to 70%. The sizeable solution and recovery tanks, along with the lasting battery, make it an ideal rider for covering even the largest of areas. Likewise, the versatile scrubber can get into the tightest of spaces.   

Aside from achieving fast and efficient cleaning, the T7 is built to maintain optimum appearances. The solution recovery tank provides streak-free results while fast-drying helps prevent accidents. Moreover, a responsive splash skirt stops overspray to other items within the work arena.

Tanks are easily accessed and can be cleaned in a fast fashion to stop bacteria growth. Aside from ensuring great results time and time again for the flooring, this helps prolong the life of the machine. With easy to learn controls, your employees will be able to utilize the T7 in next to no time. Better still, the quiet 67 dBA sound output ensures that cleaning the floors needn’t disrupt the productivity levels of the team.

As an investment, this floor scrubbing unit can transform the way you approach workplace maintenance. Given that it will save time, money, and effort while also helping the environment, it could be the smartest addition you make all year.

Benefits For Your Business:

Choosing the Tennant T7 Micro-Rider Floor Scrubber helps the business in a variety of ways. The list of rewards includes;   

  • Cleaner, healthier floors for a safer working environment.      
  • Streak-free floors for a better company image.      
  • Quick cleaning covering spaces large and small.      
  • Less time and money dedicated to cleaning, allowing the business to thrive.      
  • Low sound output, ensuring that other workers remain undistracted.      
  • An eco-friendly solution for a greener, cleaner operation.  

The T7 Micro-Rider Floor Scrubber truly a great commercial floor cleaning machine. It is ready to keep your workspace in perfect condition for years to come. Let the T7 take you to business cleaning heaven, and the venture will never look back.


Here at Triad Service Centre, we stock multiple used T7 Micro-Rider Floor Scrubber machines ready to serve your business needs. To learn more or place your order today, please send us a message or call our friendly experts at 888.834.9948.

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