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NSS Charger DB Plus Burnisher

The NSS Charger 2716 DB Plus creates a wet-look shine, previously only achievable with a propane buffer. This burnisher offers 3-1/2 hours of run time for increased productivity with 0-70 pounds of pad pressure for a amazingly, high gloss shine.

Quiet operation at only 71 db) ensures the least noise for customers and co-workers. Two-wheel drive with differential results in the NSS 2716 being one of the most maneuverable 27” battery burnisher available today.

Variable-speed wheel drive, forward and reverse, allows operators to match the machine’s drive speed to a moderate working pace. 7-gauge steel frame provides a solid, rugged structure.

Low profile offset pad driver makes burnishing under shelves a breeze.


SUBCATEGORY: Walk-behind burnisher
MODEL #: 2716
POWER SOURCE: 6 325 AH batteries

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2716 DB PLUS
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Reconditioned units offer:

  • All units come with new batteries.
  • All battery powered units include a charger.
  • 90 day warranty of major component parts & labor with a 30 day travel warranty.
  • Drive, brush and vacuum motors carbon brushes are inspected or replaced by a Triad technician.
  • Wearable items such as squeegee blades, skirts, and hoses are replaced with new.