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Advance Condor 4030C

Save big on a refurbished Advance Condor 4030C with Triad Service Center!

Our expert technicians always ensure the highest level of quality control for all of our refurbished floor cleaning equipment for sale.

You can rest assured that all reconditioned floor care equipment provided by Triad has been thoroughly inspected, reconditioned, and tested.

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Buy this as-is, or reconditioned by Triad Service Center

Reconditioned units offer:

  • All units come with new batteries.
  • All battery powered units include a charger.
  • 90 day warranty of major component parts & labor with a 30 day travel warranty.
  • Drive, brush and vacuum motors carbon brushes are inspected or replaced by a Triad technician.
  • Wearable items such as squeegee blades, skirts, and hoses are replaced with new.